The Sketches:

I, Cammy Z came up with the idea for Milosc after my mother was hospitalized and my attempt to take her mind off of what was going on, was to give her my notebook and my pen and the first thing she drew was the character Nico. 

That made me quite happy and very intrigued. As she continued to draw more, she ended up drawing Yuna, Linn, Orie and Mika.

After thankfully exiting the hospital, my mother continued to draw more as I became more inspired to write a small biography for each character.

The Search For An Illustrator :

I decided to go further and possibly incorporate my writings and my characters into a world akin to a graphic novel, so I began writing. Although I knew I needed to search for an illustrator, that task felt daunting until I decided to go through Craigslist. 

After sifting through illustrator after illustrator, I finally came upon the artist James Lavery. After speaking in the middle of a bustling mall.. James was able to not only form character models for me in minutes, but he also drew a sketch of a scene that I just verbally described to him. And that came out more beautiful than anything I could have even imagined so I knew that I had found the illustrator for my project. 

After continually working together for some months, myself and James had almost half of the first act of miłość complete. There was little intention of turning our project into a video game by that point mostly because as I looked around, I never felt the connection with any developer or programmers as I felt with James which was something I knew I needed. That was until I met the guys at FortyFlyingFish and Delta Star Studios. 

A Visual Novel Turned Into A Game:

Again that was just through another Craigslist ad, but after speaking for a little while I knew I felt a similar connection to Michael, Kevin and Logan. So I just decided that if there was a time to go for it, it was then. 

After working with Michael, Kevin and Logan for some time it became apparent that through our mutual love of JRPGS, visual design and basic immediate friendliness that we were all more than on the same page. 

And at that point things really started progressing at a fun and fast rate. As we were all making great headway on project Milosc, we felt like we had something mutually unique and special.

A Lesson To Be Learned :

As the team began to come together, I occasionally thought back to me and my mom in that hospital bed and it just makes me think that we all deserve more than one chance to show who we are in this world and although the search is a difficult one, finding the right team let’s everything else fall gently and correctly into place.