Frequently Asked Questions

What is Milosc?

Milosc is a unique tale of four individuals that bond together and discover a post-apocalyptic universe full of odd secrets split into two equal slices of a Graphic Novel & Video Game.

What is the core conflict of the story?

The core conflict of Milosc is that an unknown amount of years ago there was an apocalyptic event called the Great Cataclysm. In the aftermath, these various factories started popping up called the Cloverworx Corporation Buildings. The majority of the town are made up of different Liliput’s (small characters) most are common folk such as Ruca’s and Orie’s and the Cloverworx corporation put those 2 sets of Liliput’s to work in these somewhat secret factories.

The public did not know what was happening in these factories, thanks to the heavily guarded territory. Inside the factories were Android-esque machines that would inject the Orie’s and the Ruca’s with a purple ooze concoction. After feeling the effects of the purple ooze, some of the Orie’s would feel like odd zombies and wander the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Gotoku.

The Ruca’s became mean and uncontrollable and started wreaking havoc across all of Gotoku with the guidance of some mysterious boss type figures that were Cloverworx personnel. Our characters’ lives were all throw into upheaval in different ways after the great cataclysm, yet they mostly kept to themselves out of fear and a melancholic understanding of their new world. That was until a chance encounter at the only supermarket in town, the Supershare, gave way to the four lonely Lilliput’s known as Nico, Yuna, Mika and Linn, met for the first time briefly as the power went out in the Supershare.

What are the characters fighting for?

With Nico taking charge and his four newfound friends with him, they decided that living an apathetic life just wasn’t one worth living, so they decided to band together to investigate at least the mystery to what is happening in their own hometown. So in that sense and in the beginning. The characters are really fighting for themselves. Fighting their own depression, anxiety, trauma and despair to seek out a mystery that they’ve always known was there but were too afraid to do anything about it until now!

What are the main themes of the story?

The main themes of Milosc are Friendship, existentialism, Romance, loneliness, melancholy, anxiety, depression, beauty, minimalism, love, emotional intelligence, mystery and adventure.

Who are the antagonists?

The antagonists or antagonist is mainly the Cloverworx corporation. They are secretly injecting this purple ooze into the body’s of the Ruca’s and Orie’s to alter their minds in an attempt to create a new reality or as they put it “The Nuality.”

This turns the Ruca’s into hostile creatures that hunt any living entity in a rage of uncontrollable madness. The Orie’s on the other hand turn into mindless zombies who wander Gotoku in search of their lost and forgotten memories.