Milosc: The VideoGame

A Charming Art Style and Hand Drawn Visuals

A dystopian black and white style with a unique and original art design featuring intense emotional and existential undertones. The beautifully hand drawn environments will blend Visual Novel-style cutscenes and JRPG elements together into a weave of odd and idiosyncratic story telling beauty.

A Variety of Unique Locations

The world of Gotoku will feature a variety of dynamic
locations over eight engaging levels with new and unique features being added
to every upcoming level. From the mean and apocalyptic streets of Mainland
Gotoku to the snowy terrains of Eastern Gotoku or the toxic territory of
Northern Gotoku. Each area has a distinctive ambiance and aesthetic.

Old School Turn Based Combat and JRPG Mechanics

Inspired by some of our favorite games, Milosc will feature a deep and engaging turn based combat system, giving you the ability to fight, defend and use the wide variety of special attacks that’s available to each one of our protagonists. 

A Full-Fledged JRPG Experience

Milosc will also feature rich JRPG mechanics, giving you the ability to consume various items to heal, revive and power-up Linn, Mika, Nico and Yuna. You’ll also have the ability to level up and gain new skills as you defeat more enemies during your adventures.

Available On Steam